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Our Adams County farm in the hills of southern Ohio provides a unique
combination of crop fields, permanent pastures and woodlands.  The nearly 1,000
acre hunting property is situated on a 2 mile long, dead end, county road.  There
are very few acres of other cropland in the immediate area so our farm is prime
habitat to trophy deer, turkey and other wildlife.  The land which surrounds our
hunting property is mostly wooded.  Big bucks, like those that have made
southern Ohio a popular place to hunt, are here.

Crops grown on the hunt property include corn (some left standing for the deer),
alfalfa hay, grass hay and grass/legume pasture.  In addition we maintain 30
dedicated, small (1/4 to 1 acre) food plots including Buck Forage Oats, various
brassicas (turnips, radish, kale, etc), Whitetail Clover and Alfalfa providing deer
and turkey year round feeding opportunities.  We also raise beef cattle.

Woodlands make up about 65% of the property and are mostly mixed hardwood
with several scattered thickets of eastern red cedar.  A large number and many
varieties of oaks are found throughout the woodlands.  The woodlands border and
in some cases surround the crop fields providing many travel funnels for our
deer.  We are currently in the process of select harvesting some of our timber,
leaving new log roads, brush piles and opening up the canopy a bit.  This is the
fourth year for this multi year timber harvest.  The loggers will complete this year's
harvest by about July 1, probably sooner, leaving ample time for the deer to get
used to the somewhat changed woodland before the hunting season begins.

The terrain is hilly (short, steep hills) with small crop fields located on the main
ridge of the farm and the woodlands mostly downhill from the crop and pasture
fields.  There is a difference in elevation of up to 400 feet from the highest ridge to
the creek beds, with many smaller backbones and hollows in between.

Check out our Trophy Room pages which feature deer harvested by clients in
recent years.  

Thanks for taking the time to look at our web site.

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